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What is Polymath?

Polymath is a blockchain network that provides services for creating, issuing and managing security tokens. There have been more than 200 tokens issued using Polymath network. Polymath now offers an industry-grade blockchain called Polymesh where developers will be able to create and manage their own token using the Polymath Token Studio. Polymath outlines six features that makes them different from other networks; open-source, ERC-1400 standard, modular, automated, end-to-end and purpose-built.

POLY is the native token for the Polymath testnet, built using ERC-20 standard on Ethereum. This token, however is only present for historical reason as Polymath has now developed their own blockchain network, and utilise POLYX token. Users can still convert their POLY into POLYX to be used on Polymesh mainnet. 

Polymath Founders

Chris Housser, Trevor Koverko.

Polymath Project Investors ($58.7M)

George Burke.

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