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What is PundiX (new)?

Pundi X provides payment solutions of cryptocurrency in the traditional economy. These solutions come in a number of products and services such as XPOS, XWallet, PUNDIX and Function X. XPOS is a payment device that enables merchants and customers to pay and receive cryptocurrencies similar to traditional card payment system. Merchants may order XPOS device to experiment with the ecosystem. In addition to XPOS device, Pundi X also provides XWallet, a decentralised wallet where users will be able to transact with XPOS device, store their crypto assets as well as connect with other dApps. Other products include Pundi X Open Platform which allows developers to integrate their token into the XWallet, thus expanding token utility. 

PUNDIX Token is the native token used in Pundi X products and services. PUNDIX are available in multiple exchanges and can be transferred into XWallet to be used for payments. PUNDIX main utility is as payment fees when using Pundi X services such as when making payment on XPOS devices. As of Q3 2021, there is a maximum supply of 258,477,515 PUNDIX token.

PundiX (new) Founders

Constantin Papadimitriou, Danny Lim, Pitt Huang, Zac Cheah.

PundiX (new) Project Investors ($35.0M)

David LEE Kuo Chuen, Lon Wong, Karnika Yashwant, Michael Schelper, Dentons Rodyk. Hashed.

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