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What is Rari Governance Token?

Rari Capital is a combination of multiple DeFi protocols with the aim to bring DeFi to the masses regardless of technical backgrounds. These products are: Fuse, Yield Aggregator, Tranches and Pool 2. Fuse is an open interest rate protocols that enables users to create and manage customisable lending & borrowing pools. Yield Aggregator is an algorithm that moves users funds to the best yield opportunities. Tranches is a peer-to-peer exchange protocol that enables customisation of risk and return profiles through Yield Aggregator DAI pool. Pool 2 is decentralised exchange liquidity incentive for RGT kiquidity providers. 

Rari Governance Token (RGT) is a governance token in the Rari Capital DAO. Its main utility is to govern the DAO and provides its vision and goals for Rari. There is a total supply of 12.5 million RGT.

Rari Governance Token Founders

David Lucid, Jack Lipstone, Jai Bhavnani.

Rari Governance Token Project Investors



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