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The Blockchain-based Decentralized Marketplace for Computing Assets

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What is iExec RLC?

iExec network is a decentralised cloud computing market that connects between cloud resource seller and cloud resource buyer. This network aims to bring a scalable, secure and easy-access to datasets, services and computing resources for the companies. iExecs visions are that big data and HPC applications, highly valued datasets and computing resources will be monetised on blockchain with transparency, resiliency and security. iExec also runs off-chain computations, which are validated through Proof of Contribition (PoCo). 

RLC is the utility token in iExec. Its utilities include as an incentive to workers who provides their computational resources to the marketplace, and similarly as an incentive to data providers for making valuable datasets available to the marketplace. In addition, users who want to access the computational resources in iExec marketplace will need to pay in RLC. There is a maximum supply of 87 million RLC.

iExec RLC Founders

gilfedak, hehaiwu.

iExec RLC Project Investors ($12.0M)

Eden Block.

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