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What is Rally?

Rally is a network that attempts to better connect both connect creators and their communities through economics, ownerships and governance. Rally have worked closely with influencers and content creators across social media to understand their goals, aspirations and challenges. Creators face challenges in the current social media including bad economics, lack of fan relationship and erratic policy changes. To address these challenges, Rally creates a platform for creators to interact with their communities through a decentralised, self-sovereignty and token-economics network. 

Creators are able to create their own token called Creator Coin on the Rally network. With their own token, they can then decide on the incentives they want to give to their fans if the fans buy their token. Through this way, creators will be able to monetise their contents and at the same time, the fans will be able to support their favourite creators. The Creator Coins are bonded with the Rally Token (RLY).

Rally Token (RLY) is a governance token for the Rally network which means that holders will be able to vote for proposals and policies to the network. There are a maximum of 15 billion RLY token, which has been minted altogether at genesis and will be released over the course of 8 years. A total of 29.67% of the supply are distributed among seed investors, Rally team members and advisors.

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