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What is Render Token?

Render Network is a decentralised GPU rendering solution. The limitation of graphical rendering today is due to hardware limitations and costs. At the same, those with the necessary GPUs may not use their asset all the time. Render Network aims to solve both of these problems by connecting users who is looking to perform render jobs with others who have idle GPUs to process the renders. 

RNDR is the native utility token in the Render Network. When user submits a job to Render Network, they will have to send some amount of RNDR to the network, depending on the complexity of the job. The Render Network will then send the job to GPU owners based on the availability and requirements. The Render Network will take small portion of RNDR for facilitating the transactions. Once the job is completed, the user will receive the completed render, and the GPU owner will receive RNDR as an incentive for completing the job. There is a maximum supply of around 536 million RNDR. 

Render Token Highlights

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