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What is Solanium?

Solanium platform is a decentralised platform built on Solana. Solanium offers multiple products and services such as decentralised fundraising, time-weighted token staking, trading and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem. Solanium trading platform is built using Serum DEX, which will give similar experience to trading in CEX as it provides order book trading. Solanium pools is the main feature of the platform, where anyone may create their own pools, which are then used for fundraising through selling the pool tokens in USDC. Solanium governance as of Q1 2022, is a semi-decentralised governance where Solanium team still manage the platform, while the users are able to cast votes. 

SLIM is the native token in Solanium. It has multiple utilities such as staking reward, loyalty reward and governance. SLIM and SLIM-LP holders may stake their token to receive xSLIM. xSLIM will entitle its holders to fee distribution, airdrops, unique pool benefits depending on tier and governance voting. SLIM is an SPL token with a maximum supply of 100 million tokens. 

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Source: www.solanium.io

Source: www.solanium.io

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