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A decentralized cloud storage network framework

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What is Storj?

Storj DCS (Decentralised Cloud Storage) is a decentralised data storage service that enables users to store their data in a secure, encrypted, decentralised and cost-effective places. Once uploaded into Storj network, the data will be encrypted and splitted to 80 pieces and sent to 80 storage nodes operated across the world. These data will not be accessible by the nodes because of the encryption. When the user wants to retrieve the data, 35 storage nodes will send the data, but only 29 nodes are needed to reconstruct the original data. This mechanism ensures availability of the data at all times even when some nodes went offline.

Storj Token is the payment token to pay for Storj storage nodes. When a user wants to upload their data to Storj network, they will have to pay to satellites that will connect them with storage nodes. These payments can be done in Storj as well as other payment methods (credit cards, invoice etc.). Once the storage nodes have completed their jobs, they will receive payments in Storj tojen only and not by any other payment methods. 

Storj Founders


Storj Project Investors ($35.4M)

George Burke, Gabriel Jarrosson, Tank Stream Ventures, BnkToTheFuture, State of Utah, Iterative Capital Management, TechSquare Labs, Tyler Scriven, GVA Capital.

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