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A platform that enables full-stack utilization of Microsoft's .NET core framework

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What is Stratis?

Stratis Platform is a decentralised platform for microsoft developers to build their blockchain solutions in familiar language. Stratis architecture is based on bitcoin to ensure security, while also implementing Proof of Stake which produces low carbon footprint and therefore making the blockchain energy-efficient. Stratis also provides consultancy and services for enterprises who wish to develop blockchain solutions. Stratis ecosystem consists of four main products: Academy, Decentralised Accelerator, Smart Contracts in C#, and Masternodes. 

STRAX is the token used to power Stratis Blockchain Technologies. Its utilities is similar to that of ETH, which is as value transfer and also as fees when executing smart contracts on-chain. As Stratis Blockchain is based on Proof of Stake, STRAX is used as stake for block production, and stakers are rewarded with STRAX for maintaining the network. There is no known maximum supply of STRAX. 

Stratis Founders

Chris Trew.

Stratis Project Investors ($0.6M)

Alphabit Fund.

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