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The First DeFi Utility Project in Indonesia

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What is Toko Token?

Tokocrypto is an Indonesian-based digital exchange ecosystem that provides multiple products and services. These products and services include digital asset exchange, stablecoin, farming pool, NFT marketplace and community support. The Tokocrypto exchange is powered by Binance Cloud, enabling better trading experience, fast transaction time, and secure. It offers BIDR, an Indonesian-rupiah stablecoin which bridges between fiat and crypto for the Indonesian market. Its NFT marketplace is called TokoMall.

TKO is the platform token in Tokocrypto. It has many utilities such as exchange platform token, staking reward, farming pools, NFT medium of payment and collateral for minting stablecoin. As an exchange platform token, users can receive discounted trading fees using TKO. TKO is a BEP-20 token, with a maximum supply of 500 million tokens.

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Source: www.tokomall.io

Source: www.tokomall.io

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