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What is Ultra?

Ultra is a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. It provides multiple features in its platform including discover, buy, and sell games, watch live-streamings from gamers around the world, interact with influencers, participate in contests and compete in tournaments. The possibilities are endless. Ultra leverages blockchain technology into its platform through on-chain ownership. Users who bought games, DLCs (downloadable contents) and in-game items, truly own those assets as it is recorded in Ultra blockchain. Users can then benefit from this mechanism through trading their digital goods either through Ultra marketplace or 3rd party sites. Ultra also provides developer toolkit to allow game and software developers to integrate their games and software with blockchain technology. Besides technical details on their products, Ultra also focuses on marketing and publicity. Ultra provides two referral programs; one that rewards users when they bring new users into the platform, and the other pays the users for promoting products on Ultra. 

UOS is the utility token within the Ultra ecosystem. There are multiple use cases for UOS token within the ecosystem. All games, in-game items, and services (by developers) on Ultra Games that operate through smart contract, are facilitated by UOS token. In addition, UOS is used for Ultra loyalty programs, bug testing, trade of digital goods, and advertisements. There is a total supply of 1 billion UOS token. 

Ultra Founders

David Hanson, Nicolas Gilot.

Ultra Project Investors ($5.0M)


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