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What is Voyager Token?

Voyager is a public company that provide various financial products and services including buying and trading digital assets. Users can also receive yield rewards by maintaining a minimum balance in certain crypto assets. Not limited to crypto assets, Voyager is also building bridge between real-world assets, equity markets and crypto markets. Therefore, users can easily trade these assets in a single ecosystem. 

Voyager token, VGX is the native token within the Voyager platform. Users that hold VGX in Voyager app will be able to earn 7% staking rewards monthly with no lockups or limits. VGX is also used in the Voyager Loyalty Program in which users earn different rewards depending on the amount of VGX they hold. There is a maximum supply of around 200 million VGX.

Voyager Token Founders

Ehrls15, PhilipEytan, Gaspard de Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar.

Voyager Token Project Investors ($100.1M)

Stifel Financial Corp., Streamlined Ventures.

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