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Infrastructure and Tools for Publishers to Serve Crypto Rewarded Video

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What is Verasity?

Verasity is a protocol for video publishers, aimed to increase engagement and advertisement revenues on any video platform. To achieve this mission, Verasity uses its patented protocol layer on the blockchain: Proof of View (PoV). The current advertisement standard typically analyse the advertisement towards the end of the campaign, or after the content have been delivered. The Proof of View enables ad-fraud recognition to be done in real-time. Currently, Verasity is working on e-sport, adtech, digital rights management and NFTs. 

VRA is the currency used within Verasity. Its purpose is as a medium of exchange in Verasity ecosystem such as NFTs, e-sport, video games and video economy. It is also used for staking reward on VeraWallet, as incentive for ad views and engagements on B2B VeraViews. In the future, it will be used for fraud management in NFT. VRA is an ERC-777 token with a maximum supply of 10.3 billion tokens. 

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