World's most proven and eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games and collectibles

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What is WAX?

The Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX is an blockchain-based asset exchange ecosystem. It offers many services such as trading, buying & selling, & developing digital assets. These digital assets include NFTs, dApps and video games. WAX have partnered with major gaming studios including Capcom, Atari, Funko, Sony Funimation and Topps. WAX has been considered as The King of NFTs as it has facilitated millions of NFTs trade. In addition, WAX has introduced a new innovation on NFT, the vIRL NFTs. This enables video/game integrations, function as marketing tools and also linking vIRL NFTs with physical items. Traditional blockchain network such as bitcoin and ethereum use proof of work consensus mechanism which consumes large amount of electricity. WAX differentiates itself from other blockchain by promoting eco-friendly solutions through delegated proof of stake mechanism (DPoS) which consumes less than 0.00001% energy required in bitcoin and ethereum network. WAX has been certified with Carbon Neutral Certification by Climate Care in early 2021 and is committed towards the environment by introducing its own Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs.

WAXP Token is the native token within the WAX ecosystem. There are four main utilities for WAXP Token; Staking & Voting, trading NFTs, WAX Labs and DeFi. Users can stake their token to run the WAX chain which then enables zero-transaction fees across the ecosystem. Staking also give voting rights to select block producers, and will be rewarded with WAXP. Users trade NFTs by using WAXP as a medium of exchange. WAX Labs allows stakers to vote for WAX project proposals from developers. WAXP has a maximum supply of around 3.7 billion tokens. 

WAX Founders

Brent Cohen, John Brechisci Jr, Jonathan Yantis, William Quigley.

WAX Project Investors ($42.0M)

Node Capital, NON-fungible Chan, Andreas Schwartz, Distributed Global, Hashed.

WAX Highlights

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