A borderless mega-ecosystem, offering a decentralized blockchain network driven by platforms and focused on delivering experience-based services

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What is WEMIX?

Wemix is a blockchain-based game ecosystem. Existing decentralised game applications (dApp) face major issues concerning low transaction per second (TPS), and high transaction fees. Such barriers hinder game developers from integrating games with blockchain technology, and also limits user experience. Blockchain-based game lifecycle shortened thus undermining sustainable economy for developers. Wemix solves low TPS and transaction fees through a combination of private and public blockchains and connecting them with intermediary chains using hybrid structure. Wemix addresses scalability issue through multi-chain architecture that allows more private blockchains, and therefore more games. In order to ensure a seamless transition into blockchain, Wemix provides middleware(Binder) which helps with blockchain functionality and minimises modifications to existing games. Through crowdfunding solutions, the financial barriers and development costs are reduced. 

WEMIX is the main token in the Wemix ecosystem, however different games in Wemix may have their own game token. There are a number of use cases for WEMIX within the Wemix ecosystem such as transaction token, exchange token with game tokens, rewards token, service token for developers to use Wemix services and staking. There is a maximum of 1 billion WEMIX token issued. 

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