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What is WOO Network?

Woo Network is a liquidity network that connects traders, institutions, exchanges and DeFi platforms with democratised access to trading execution, yield farming strategies and liquidity at a lower to zero cost. Currently, there are three products in Woo Network which are WOO X, Wootrade and WOOFi. WOO X is a trading platform for professional and institutional traders with zero-fee. Wootrade is for exchanges to access WOO Networks liquidity. WOOFi is a decentralised exchange platform combines multiple DeFi products such as swap prices, low slippage and yield opportunities.

WOO token is the native utility token in the WOO Network. Current utilities for the WOO token includes staking, yield farming, liquidity in various DEXes and borrowing & lending. WOO Network also planned to expand these utilities by using WOO token as a governance token. Every month, 50 percent of the revenue generated across WOO Network will be used to buyback and burn through purchasing WOO tokens from secondary market. This will increase the scarcity of the token. There is a maximum supply of 3 billion WOO tokens.

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