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What is DigitalBits?

DigitalBits is an open-source blockchain network that can be used to power digital assets. These digital assets include loyalty points, gift cards, fan token and digital currencies. Developers are able to develop their own apps on DigitalBits using Frontier, a RESTful HTTP API server. The Frontier are connected to DigitalBits Core, which runs the DigitalBits Network. The DigitalBits Core validates on the status of every transaction using the DigitalBits Consensus Protocol (DCP). The DigitalBits Core itself are not run by a single computer, but rather through multiple entities around the world, making it decentralised. Developers may run their own DigitalBits Core if they want to have more controls on their apps. 

The XDB is a token that is used within DigitalBits Core as an incentive for those who help run the network. There is a maximum supply of 100 billion XDB token. 

DigitalBits Founders

Al Burgio, David J. La Placa.

DigitalBits Project Investors ($1.0M)

Alpha Sigma Capital.

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