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Protocol Enabling Exposure To Multiple Asset Classes

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What is Persistence?

Persistence is an interoperable DeFi protocol that enables exposure to multiple asset classes. Persistence addresses some of the problems that plague the financial industries such as long settlement times for cross-border payment, lack of transparency, requirement of trust and lack of infrastructure and access for SME businesses. At the same time, DeFi is also facing some obstacles surrounding regulations and infrastructures. To solve these problems, Persistence offers multiple DeFi products such as COMDEX, Audit.one, pSTAKE and ASSET MANTLE.

XPRT Token is the native token in Persistence. It has a number of use cases such as fees when using Persistence products, governance through voting rights and staking to delegate validators. There is a total of 100 million XPRT produced during genesis, with a maximum supply of around 400 million XPRT.

Persistence Founders

Tushar Aggarwal.

Persistence Project Investors ($3.7M)

Arrington XRP Capital, ZBS Capital, AU21 Capital, Terra, Alameda Research, IOSG Ventures, Megala Ventures, TRGC.

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